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Latest News

2014-05-15US OHSU Professor Peter Spencer was invited to visit our school
2014-05-13The staff of our institute attend the school faculty “The May Day” bowling game
2014-04-26Benefit by mutual discussion and strategy, make concerted efforts to promote development -- the committee work plan for 2014 seminar was held successfully
2014-04-26The lecture of "job interview and signing" of Medical Science & Laboratory Medicine college was held successfully
2014-04-24Medical laboratory specialty held the theme of "college life without regret" communication meeting
2014-03-24Our institute held the National Natural Foundation of China ( Youth sience Foundation ) interim report
2014-03-24Minister of defense style show, unity is a department
2013-11-24Our college doctor who made the Rhodes scholarship
2013-11-24My Uni My Way My New Lifestyle
2013-11-20Joram Feldon professor, director of the laboratory hired as part-time professor in our school
2013-11-20Show your graciousness
2013-11-20The second flying season successfully held in English
2013-05-31Institute of Medical Technology Medical Laboratory successful host the General Assembly PBL Activities
2013-05-31The National Science Foundation Hospital (Youth Science Foundation) interim seminar
2013-05-31Xiong Sidong, Vice-Chancellor Professor of Suzhou University, came to our school for academic exchanges
2013-05-30Young students won the tenth meeting of the National English Speech Contest Laboratory Medicine Award
2013-05-30Show Big Star
2013-05-30Chinese Bridge
2013-05-30Successfully held medical college learning cadres election
2012-12-27Promote international study, promote Internationalization development