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Department of Pathology


The department of pathology was established in 1950s when Jiangsu medical college was set up. In the past 60 years, The department gradually developed. Now there are 6 teachers in the department, among which are 4 associate professors, 3 doctors of medicine. Teachers are not only for the teaching task and carry the two hospitals pathologic diagnosis and evaluation work of institute of forensic analysis of Jiangsu university.


Upgraded in 1984 after teaching more standardized, rigid and active scientific research work became the main course of the medical profession.


In 2000 when zhenjiang medical college has merged into the Jiangsu university, we have incorporate the teaching of the reform, further enhance the teaching of the field which results in teaching the second prize.


In 2005, we continue to carry out a teaching graduate students and teaching foreign students, especially the english language teaching which has greatly promoted teaching level.

In scientific research and training of teachers, we  have made great strides. We have get three research projects, and help other department has participated more than ten items on the national research. We've been published more than 100 articles including SCI thesis.