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Laboratory Medical Science


The Laboratory Medical Science is the key discipline in School of Medical Science and Laboratory Medicine, Jiangsu University, and also in whole Jiangsu Province. There is a research institute in this discipline, more than 50 full-time investigaters working here. There are many high-quality and brand instruments for the scientific research in the institute, for example, Nikon Eclipse TE2000 Inverted Research Microscope, Becton Dickinson FAC Scalibur Flow Cytometer, Rotor-Gene 2000 Real-time Amplification, Gene Genius Bio Imaging System and Typhon 9400 Variable Mode Imager.




The scientific research fileds are: (1)Hematology and Oncology,  mainly focus on mesenchymal stem cells, cancer stem cells and molecular cancer biology, thrombosis and hemostasis, as well as signal transduction pathway etc. (2) Immunology and its Clinical Application, like the relationship of dendritic cells and immune diseases, Treg cells and clinical diagnosis etc. (3) Pathogenic Biology and its Clinical Diagnosis, like the creation of some bacterial vaccines and diagnostic kits, the molecular pathogenic mechanism, diagnostic and therapeutic methods, and immunologic mechanism of parasitic diseases. (4) Clinical Chemistry and Gene Diagnosis, mainly focus on applications of DNA microarray in diagnosis of infectious diseases and Salmonella gene expressional regultion. All international students for their master degree or Ph D could be admitted to join the above research field.




At present, there are more than 20 grants from National Natural Science Funds and more than 30 grants from Jiangsu Province Scientific Projects for supporting the above research jobs. There are more than 400 papers published on different journals at home and abroad, including 50 papers embodied by SCI, like Blood, JBC and Exp Biol Med etc.


Very welcome all the co-operationers and students to our school and institute for their studing.   


List of the supervisors:

Professor Huaxi Xu

Professor Wenrong Xu

Professor Hong Zhou

Professor Qixiang Shao

Professor Yongchang Chen

Professor Xinxiang Huang

Professor Shihe Shao

Professor Shengxia Chen

Professor Shengjun Wang