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School of Medical Science and Laboratory Medicine


School of Medical Science and Laboratory Medicine, Jiangsu University consists of two faculties (Laboratory Medical Science, Image Medicine) in which Laboratory Medical Science is one of the top five major in the education concerning to laboratory medicin in whole china. The Laboratory Medical Science is also a key discipline of Jiangsu Province. There are 128 full-time teachers in the school, among which are 15 professors, 28 associate professors. There are 1200 undergraduate students and 180 graduate students in the school. There are two research institutes, two experimental teaching centers, twenty departments in the school. There are five disciplines which can confer Master degrees. They are Clinical Laboratory Science, Immunology, Pathogenic Biology, Human Anatomy and Histology Embryology and Physiology. The discipline of Clinical Laboratory Science can also confer Doctoral degree.


The high-level education is the primary objectve of our school. School of Medical Science and Laboratory Medicine has always sought to exhibit the highest standards of quality teaching and deliver the best learning opportunities to our students, aiming for the cultivation of innovative thoughts, scientific attitudes and practical ability in students. Both undergraduate and graduate students can easily find their job in hospitals or some research institutes after they have graduated from our school. Apart from normal teaching responsibilities, the school also pay attention to scientific research. The school recently acquires many grants from national and provincial nature science fundations. The scientific research in the school mainly focus on dentritic cells, stem cells, molecular mechanisms of cancer cells, thrombosis and hemostasis, pathogenic molecular biology and gene diagnosis, as well as signal transduction pathway etc. 


 In recent years, a lot of achievements both in education and research fields are got by the school. The discipline of Clinical Laboratory Science of the school has become the famous representative major in Jiangsu Province. The group of laboratory medicine becomes one of the most excellent groups within Jiangsu Province. Two major courses have been conformed as the first level of the whole education courses in the province, and another three courses as the second level of those. It has recently got more than 40 of National Natural Science Funds, and more than 40 research projects of Jiangsu Province. More than 400 papers are published on different journals at home and abroad, including 50 papers embodied by SCI.