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US OHSU Professor Peter Spencer was invited to visit our school

Peter Spencer , professor of School of Medicine in Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), was invited to visit our school at 3:00 pm of May 11 , and carried out academic exchanges on the toxin, neurodegenerative diseases and health inspection .

Professor Spencer is the expert of neurology in OHSU School of Medicine , as well as a senior scientist at OHSU Center for Research on Occupational & Environmental Toxicology and founding director at OHSU Global Health Center . Dr. Spencer holds seven honorary professorial appointments at foreign institutions, including the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Beijing), Fudan University (Shanghai), Sichuan University (Chengdu) and Gulu University (Uganda) . In this academic exchanges , Professor Spencer first described the mechanism of nerve palsy performance hexane poisoning and poisoning , and found metabolites of n-hexane could be associated with a combination of protein , especially lysine ,then damage the myelin and destroyed action potentials delivery. Subsequently , Professor Spencer showed their ongoing epidemiological studies conducted in African children which is to explore causes of the " nodding syndrome " , and discussed with the students how to establish and confirm the hypothesis . His novel research provided important inspiration for public health laboratory classmates on professional learning and working methods . Finally, Professor Spencer made answers to the questions raised by the students one by one . He said that the public health laboratory is very important in environmental protection , food safety and water sanitation , which is the foundation of public health and preventive medicine , and he also hoped that professionals of public health laboratory test the theory with practice which means that they should not only enhance learning laboratory testing methods, but also conduct field research, and then identify problems and causes ,and finally  prevent and control it from the source , which is the best way to solve human health problems .

This three-hour face to face communication not only enrich students’ knowledge , but more important is to let the students understand the current situation of foreign public health work and the importance of public health laboratory , which will help students foster high professional values and full enthusiasm for learning, as well as laid the foundation for international development of public health laboratory and training of the professionals .

Teachers of Department of Public Health Laboratory and Department of Preventive Medicine ,as well as all students of public health laboratory ,students from Sudan, Jordan, the United States and other countries participated in this academic exchange .