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The 18th Tri-University International Joint Seminar& Symposium at Jiangsu University October 26-31, 2011, Zhenjiang, China



The 18th Tri-University International Joint Seminarand Symposium will be held at Jiangsu University from October 26to 31, 2011. We will gladly serve as host for this event.


History of the Conference

The 1st Tri-University International Joint Seminar andSymposium was held at Mie University of Japan in 1994. The conference wasformed by the collaboration of the three founder universities which arecomposed of Mie University (MU) of Japan,Chiang Mai University(CMU) of Thailand andJiangsu University (JSU) of China.

At the beginning, the main purpose of the conferencewas to provide international opportunities, experiences and knowledge ratherfor younger scientists and students, especially in the topics of Population,Food, Energy and Environment under the main theme of the Role of Asia in theWorld towards the 21st century. General knowledge of the fourcritical issues of world from different parts of Asiawere gathered, shared, integrated and discussed during the seminar andsymposium. The conference also aimed at promoting the basic understanding amongthe participants from different countries. Some other activities such asculture exchanges and observation tours were occasionally arranged by the host,in viewpoints of the participants.

That is a brief overview of the Tri-University JointSeminar and Symposium having been done during the past seventeen years.

The Tri-University program does not only strengthenthe basic knowledge and expand international experiences of the participants,but also the friendship between the new generation participants is unbelievableone of the most benefits from the conference. Thus the expansion of such aprogram has been gradually developed by consensus of the key persons in chargeof the conference during the past few years.

At the first stage of the expansion, some guestuniversities were invited to join and observe the activities of the conference.When the time passed by, the guest universities automatically became members ofthe Tri-University program.


Conference Fee

Participants from overseas will be charged aconference fee of 2200 Yuan (RMB) per personwhich includes expenses after 26th Oct. arriving at Zhenjiang until their 31stOct. departure from the same airport (domestic transportation, meals, parties,accommodation and conference registration fee).


Theme and Topics

The 18th Tri-University International Joint Seminar& Symposium provides a forum for students, scientists and engineers todiscuss about the following topics: (1)Population, (2)Food, (3)Energy,(4)Environment, (5)Ecological Development and (6) Low Carbon.

Low Carbon is a newly added topic of the 18thTri-U. Emission reduction is not only the buzzwords in nowadays, but alsorelated to the strategic choice of mankind. Enhance the awareness of energysaving and emission reduction is of great significance. These six topics aredeeply related to each other and are all important for the sustainable, harmonicdevelopment and the survival of human beings. It offers a good opportunity topromote mutual understanding among the participants.

  Population

  Food

  Energy

  Environment

  EcologicalDevelopment

    Low Carbon


Submission Notice

Theauthor accepts full responsibility for the scientific content of his paper andensures that the paper he/she submitted to this Symposium has never beenpublished.

Theformat of papers and the application form will be sent to those universitiesand related persons in charge. The title of the paper and the participants'name list should be received by 15th June, 2011. Final manuscriptshould be received by 31st August, 2011.


Paper Submission

Authorsare requested to submit full length camera-ready manuscripts within August 31,2011.


To: Miss Feng Yun\Prof. Li Zhongxing
International Office
E-mail: intl6@ujs.edu.cn\zhxli@ujs.edu.cn
Add: 301 Xuefu Rd, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu,212013, P. R. China
Tel: (86)-511-88780035\88792798 Fax: (86)-511-88780036



Themeeting is under preparation, but the following is the tentative schedule forthe various activities during the 18th Tri-University International JointSeminar and Symposium program.

Thefinal arrangement will be decided in late August when all the participants sendtheir papers to us.

October 26 (WED)

Arrival at Jiangsu University, Registration,

October 27 (THU)

Opening Ceremony, Taking memorial photo, Seminar &symposium

Get-together Party

October 28 (FRI)

Seminar & Symposium, Welcome Party

October 29 (SAT)

Excursion, Key Personnel Meeting

October 30 (SUN)

Seminar & Symposium, Closing Ceremony, Farewell Party

October 31 (MON)

Leave for airport



All participants should register for themeeting on October 26th, 2011 as shown in the tentative schedule of Overview.


Pick-up and Transportation

All the delegates and participants arerequested to be at Zhenjiangon October 26th, 2011. Our vans will be waiting for the delegates andparticipants coming from the foreign countries at the airport in Nanjing. It takes aboutone and a half hours from Lukou airport (Nanjing)to JSU.



Hotel will be accommodated by Jiangsu University for the participants duringthe program held from October 26th to 30th,2011.



Participants from foreign countries maycontact the Embassy of P.R.China or Chinese Consulate nearby your area for visaapplication.

Brief Introduction of Jiangsu University

Situated in the historically and culturallyrenowned city, Zhenjiang, Jiangsuprovince, Jiangsu University was established by the combination ofJiangsu University of Science and Technology, ZhenjiangMedical Collegeand Zhenjiang Teachers’ College with the approval of the Ministry of Education of Chinain August, 2001. Its main body, the former Jiangsu University of Science andTechnology, a brother university of Nanjing University and Southeast University,was one of the 88 key universities designated by the State Council in 1978. 


At present, Jiangsu University occupies anarea of over 200 hectares. It has 24 schools, with 350 professors and 850associate professors, and an enrollment of more than 42,000 students, of whomabout 7,000 are postgraduates. It offers 76 undergraduate programs in thefields of engineering, science, medicine, literature, economics, law,management, education and history. It has 8 post-doctoral research stations, 5primary Ph.D. disciplines, 33 Ph.D. programs, 100 master’s programs, 2 nationalkey disciplines, 10 provincial key disciplines, 1 key laboratory co-sponsoredby Jiangsu Province and the Ministry of Education, 10 provincial keydisciplines, 11 provincial key laboratories and engineering centers. Inaddition, it offers 23 ME (Master of Engineering) and MBA (Master of BusinessAdministration) programs, it runs a publishing company, Jiangsu UniversityPress, and one affiliated hospital.

Jiangsu University is noted for itsdistinguished engineering program, which is one of its five chief fields:engineering, medicine, science, management and humanities. It cultivated thefirst batch of postgraduates and the first doctor of agricultural machinery in China.Its Ph.D. program, Fluid Machinery and Engineering, is the sole national keyprogram that features pump researching. Its Farm Products ProcessingEngineering program is the first Ph.D. program in its field in Chinaand its Vehicle Engineering the fourth.
With “erudition, truthfulness, virtuousness” as its motto, Jiangsu Universityhas graduated a large number of students with innovative thoughts, scientificattitudes and practical ability. For instance, it was awarded the “Winning Cup”with its sixth place in the 10th National Challenge Cup for Academic andScientific Achievements among university students. It passed the assessment bythe Ministry of Education as one of the “Excellent Universities forUndergraduate Education” and won the provincial award for its outstandingperformance.

The University attaches great importance to scientific research. As a result,it has won more than 400 national, ministerial and provincial awards for itsresearch work in recent years. With about 200 patents approved in China,it now ranks 43rd among all Chinese universities for the number of patentapplications and approval. In 2003, it was placed 44th in the list ofcompetitiveness for intellectual property rights among all Chinese scientificinstitutions and entered the top ten of Jiangsuprovincial institutions for patent approval.
Now the whole University, guided by the scientific outlook on development andthe principle of four priorities (priority should be given to teaching quality,topnotch faculty members, strong disciplines and independent innovation), istrying its best to build Jiangsu University into a first-rate comprehensiveuniversity that features opening, engineering and multidisciplinary developmentin China.